Measurement is very important as it allows us to compare Apples with Apples to ensure that we engage on specific information in the same consistent manner.

Quality weighing equipment can allow you to measure anything however things have different shapes and sizes and require unique instruments to accurately get the weight of a material or product.

Regardless what kind of business you may be operating in, ensuring you have accurate weighing tools to capture the value of measurement can play a big part in running a profitable business.

Below are different kinds of measuring scales you can use for your business:

Hanging Scales

Loads that need suspension instead of a platform are weighed using hanging scales which are also known as Crane scales. These Scales are can come with a mechanical indicator or a digital indicator, where digital indicators can be more precise. These scales are rigorous and are known for lifting heavy loads but be sure to check the max weight for the scale as different industries require scales to have different weight loads.

Laboratory Scales

Lab scales often found under the category balance scales are used in laboratories. These scales are efficiently used for micro measurement. These scales weigh materials ranging from 0,001g to 5000g with a measurement reading 0.001 g to 1g giving you a high degree of accuracy. These scales can be used to measure chemicals, powders, fluids in flasks as these scales can help implement quality control checks around labs.

Portion Scales

Portion scales are utilised for apportioning goods and different materials. Depending on the industry whether it is food, manufacturing, farming etc. These scales are calibrated for appropriate use in that industry. Portioning scales are there to optimise apportioning processes in businesses.

Platform Scales

Platform scales are for weighing larger objects as required. These scales depending on their application are tougher and more durable as they constantly must endure the different heavier weights being loaded. Platform scales have a wide variety of use with animal weighing being an application. Platform scales can be used in the vet’s lab or by a farmer who needs to weigh animals as part of their business.

Retail Scales

Retail scales also known as price computing scales or point of sale scales are a common sight in retail stores. They measure anything from fruits, vegetables, meat and spices. These scales will allow you to input a unit price for a certain product. When that product is weighed it displays the unit price and total price based on the weight of that product.

Scales Incorporated has a wide selection of all kinds of scales suitable for any weight measurement task. Contact us to find the right quality weight measurement solution for your needs.