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Specialised in the Weighing,  Processing,  Conveying  and  Processing  Feld.

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“We have a very proud service record and and is still currently striving to better it”

Scales Incorporated offers the available state of the art technology guaranteeing the top accuracy in range of the international and national standards. Our staff continually under goes training on new products ensuring that our clients get the best service and advice. 

Scales Incorporated imports and manufactures all of our product range. We honour the guarantee on all our products by carrying a wide range of product and spare parts.

Scales Incorporated Specialise in:

Scales Incorporated specialise in weighing, processing, conveying and packaging animal feed producing machines mixers and many more fields.

Scales Incorporated Services:

Scales Incorporated offers a wide range of repairs, testing, installations, maintenance, technical support, designs & calibration services.

What You Can Expect From Us

Trusted & Experienced

Scales Incorporated was established in September 1985. We have a very proud service record and is still currently striving to better it.


All our customers have the benefit of technical support and our years of experience as industry leaders in our field of expertise.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

As we continuously strive to better our services and product quality, our customers form long lasting relationships with us due to our hard work and good service.

Happy Customers

"Very committed & supportive"


"Very good service & feedback"


"Great service as always"



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